Hydrogon™ Vertical Hydroponics Systems

An easy to use, compact, high yield, hydroponic kit

The innovative design of the Hydrogon™ vertical gardening system allows you to double your yields in half the floor space! Use the Hydrogon with a Vertitube™ light for a compact, high yield, hydroponic kit.

When growing a shorter crop like strawberries, lettuce or basil, the grow chambers can be stacked closer together to maximize the available plant sites.

If you use a bulb as a source of light for plant growth, then you can benefit from using a Vertitube™. By using your bulbs as a center point of light much like our sun you make use of all the available light energy produced by the bulb.

Have more questions about the Hydrogon systems or indoor vertical gardening? Check out our FAQ's page or contact us at 707-499-6170

Hydroponic PVC Vertical System Hydrogon 4 Level Kit

4 level Hydrogon
This vertical hydroponics system works well with lettuce varieties by providing 84 plant sites with growing area to spare in only 36 square feet of floor space.

Hydroponic PVC Vertical System Hydrogon 3 Level

3 level Hydrogon
A vertical garden system designed to accommodate 63 full canopy 18"-24" tall tomato plants