Hydroponic growing kit systems

Vertical Hydroponic Systems and Lighting: Turn-Key Hydroponic Kits!

Double Yields in Half the Space, Grow a Vertical Garden!

Welcome to Octagon Hydroponics - designers and manufacturers of innovative vertical hydroponic gardening systems and kits and vertical in-line air cooled light systems. Built for the novice and experienced indoor grower alike, our hydroponic kits and lighting systems are built out of the finest quality materials to give you a lifetime of high yields. Our easy to set-up, compact, self contained, vertical gardening systems are built to be compatible with all nutrient delivery systems offering you a simple hydroponic kit solution to insure your indoor growing success.

Our Products:

Hydrogon Verical Garden Hydroponics System Kit

The Hydrogon™ line of vertical hydroponics systems are versatile hydroponics kits capable of being configured for many varieties of commonly grown vegetables and herbs. More Info»

Grow Lights for vertical systems

Veritube™ air cooled vertical grow light systems. Designed to be used with the Hydrogon, this vertical lighting system can be used in any vertical gardening application. More Info»